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Phil Harris

Two streams have fed my art practice over the course of my career: teaching and meditation practice. I've had the good fortune to teach across a number of fields at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland. As any teacher who's excited by the classroom knows, contact with students is a great gift, and one for which I'm very grateful. The honesty, creative energy and drive to grow that one can witness in the classroom have been so very inspiring.

Meditation, in my case, has taken the form of Buddhist Vipassana (insight) practice. This has fed not only my teaching, but also my ability to slow down, to notice, to persist in noticing, and to wonder. I wouldn't be able to see or gather the evidence of change that is Duration without having cultivated stillness, openness, curiosity, and the ability to observe without expectation.

I've found that the combination of meditation and teaching nourishes a continual state of learning. Making the Duration pictures helps sharpen my ability to see into the developing moment, and to appreciate what I find there. It's about discovery, surprise, integration and letting be. I hope there's something useful for you here too.

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